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Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't Vote for Smith

It's Election Day again and Chris Smith is running for reelection.


He's an incumbent who has right wing views that are too extreme for our district. And he is in bed with big business. We need someone who cares about local issues. That is why the blog "Fire Chris Smith" is endorsing Howard Kleinhendler for Congress.

Check out Howard's campaign video against Smith:

Friday, July 9, 2010

Shame On Chris Smith

Chris Smith has done it again.

The New Jersey Congressman joined a Republican motion against affordable health care reform. Fortunately, the motion was swiftly defeated.

Smith’s support of the insurance companies and health care practices that were acceptable under President Bush (aka “Bush-Care”) is nothing new. In 2007, Smith voted against children’s health care. In 08, he voted against mental health care. This year, Smith voted against health care reform for all Americans.

In the June 26th edition of the Brick Times, Congressman Smith condemned health care reform, claiming the bill cuts Medicare benefits, increases the deficit and creates new taxes for businesses. This is what Smith and Fox News wants you to believe and it’s not true.

If the Congressman actually took the time to read the health care bill, he’d find that the bill, among many benefits: (1) pays for itself for by readjusting certain costs and increasing taxes only for the upper class; (2) creates tax credits and/or tax breaks for small businesses, middle and lower classes families; (3) closes the Medicare doughnut hole and (4) establishes new oversight and accountability for protection against the insurance companies, which means you’ll no longer be denied coverage based on pre-existing conditions. Smith voted against these benefits.

According to the World Health Organization, the United States has the 37th best health care system in the World. Why only 37th best? Because America lacks the universal health care system all other industrial nations have. While this health care reform isn’t true universal health care, it’s a progressive step towards a future public option. Either Congressman Smith doesn’t realize this or he supports “Bush-Care”, a system where insurance companies deny coverage and bankrupt the American people.

Can someone please tell Chris Smith that he is supposed to represent the people and not the insurance industry?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chris Smith is the Scumbag of the Garden State

Congress recently passed health care reform. Several congressmen voted against this, including the ‘Scumbag of the Garden State’, Congressman Chris Smith. Smith spoke to congress about the bill. Here is what he said:

“Mr. Speaker, I rise today to respectfully ask that my colleagues reject ObamaCare which, if enacted into law, will seriously undermine, erode, damage and, I believe, even destroy
health care in America.”

This bill will provide more comprehensive, affordable and accountable health care for all Americans. It’s needed.

“On process, the near total lack of transparency and the misuse of majority party power to ram ObamaCare through the Congress makes it the quintessential example of what is so dreadfully wrong in Washington.”

The Democrats spent the past year trying to compromise with the Republicans. Smith didn’t want a bipartisan compromise. He wanted things his way or the highway. And his way is not New Jersey’s way.

“No wonder millions of people, including TEA Party activists, are demanding accountability and defeat of ObamaCare.

Wow, Congressman Smith, are you defending the TEA party? The TEA party, upset at change, hurled discriminatory slurs at politicians, threatened them with violence and vandalized politicians’ property. That sounds like terrorism. Thus, Chris Smith supports terrorists.

“ObamaCare collects new taxes, fees, and shifts billions of dollars from Medicare for 4 full years before benefits kick in.”

Wrong again, Smith. Health care reform will lower the cost of our current broken health system, and lower the debt.

“Senior citizens and disabled persons will lose certain health benefits they now enjoy…Medicare Advantage is used by over 11 million people nationwide, including 15,983 people in my congressional district alone.”

Health care reform provides financial relief for senior citizens and their medical needs…some of those reforms begin this year. As for the 15, 983 people in our congressional district on Medicare Advantage (which you brought up), what about the tens of thousands of people in our congressional district that can’t afford any health care? This new bill provides health care, the same kind that you receive as a member of congress, to everyone in our district. Chris Smith doesn’t want his own constitutes to have the same health care rights that he has.

A final look at the facts: In 2007, Chris Smith voted against Children’s Health Care. In 2008, he voted against mental Health Care. This past week, he voted against Health Care reform for all Americans. Chris Smith supports insurance companies at the expense of his own constituents. It’s time to fire Chris Smith from his job.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chris Smith Votes Against Health Care

Check out our first video on "Fire Chris Smith"

Watch "Chris Smith Votes Against Health Care"

Chris Smith = Anti-Women's Rights

When will Congressman Chris Smith learn to protect a woman's right to choose? When?

Congressman Smith recently spoke at the 2010 March for Life in Washington DC. During his appearance, he made several ungodly, false claims.

"Smith told a reporter that Obama is “so obsessed with promoting abortion” and has litmus-tested “all the gatekeepers of government” on abortion."

Wrong Smith, wrong. Obama clearly stated on several occasions, that litmus-testing of judges and other government officials is wrong.

In remarks also directed at Obama, Smith reminded pro-life advocates that the president has “unleashed the full might and power of [his] administration in the ignoble promotion of abortion on demand, both in the United States and around the world, especially in Africa and Latin America.”

Perhaps we should remind Congressman Smith of the millions of women worldwide, including minors, every year, who suffer from oppression due to a lack of family planning. Simply put, without legalized abortions in the US and around the globe, there will be an increase in teenage motherhood, botched abortions, maternal deaths and poverty among single mothers. If anything, Smith should be thanking President Obama and his administration for promoting better family planning in the US and around the World.

Smith continued his rampage at a recent appearance at the UN, spreading more lies that hurt women all around the World. Congressman Chris Smith is obviously too extreme for the people of New Jersey.